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you'ding with the u.s. to keep afghanistan weak. kerry says they're now on the same page. accusations came amid u.s. plans to hand over stick responsibility by the end of next year. u.s. handed over control of the detention facility to the afghan government. both sides agreed to the transfer a year ago. but it was held over up over release of prisoners. afghanistan agreed not to release prisoners considered dangerous. >> people of newton connecticut are upset over a new robo call campaign including their city less than three months after their shooting. nra says it's the same thing they do across the country. the senators demanded they stop robo calls. one resident said is being insensitive. he's angry. >> has been pushed on us without asking permission for discussion is inexcuseable. >> in response, connecticut lawmakers are working on some of the strongest gun control measures in the nation. >> president obama wants the immigration system modernized and calling on congress to take action. president spoke after a new citizenship ceremony. he says the country needs to do a better job
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1